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Cryptocurrencies in the S&P 500

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The most important indicator of economic stability in the bitcoin market is the capitalization and not the price for 1 BTC. That is because of the constant emission of bitcoin, which is 54,000 BTC per month. So in order to maintain the current price of for 1 BTC one must buy bitcoins for every month. We can also say that even if the price for 1 BTC drops less than per month, the bitcoin capitalization grows.

Another aspect of the cryptocurrency economics are altcoins. Each altcoin creates an additional emission in the market and reduces price for 1 BTC. Unless altcoins existed, it could be assumed that more people would trade bitcoin. Then the current price for 1 BTC would be (by more).

In order to cover 95% of the market one should take into account the following cryptocoins: .

If one imagined the cryptocurrencies were in stock market, then in the S&P 500 rating (the top 500 largest companies by market capitalization listed on American stock exchanges) cryptocurrencies would be in the place.

Full list of altcoins used in calculations in alphabetical order (622 in total): 0x, 1337, 2GIVE, 42-coin, 808Coin, 8Bit, Acoin, Adelphoi, AdShares, adToken, AdEx, Adzcoin, Aeon, Aeternity, Agoras Tokens, Agrello, Aidos Kuneen, Altcoin, AmberCoin, Anoncoin, ArtByte, APX, Aragon, Arcade Token, ArcticCoin, Ardor, Ark, Asch, AsiaCoin, ATC Coin, Atmos, Atomic Coin, AudioCoin, Augur, Auroracoin, AurumCoin, Aventus, B3Coin, Bancor, Bankcoin, Basic Attenti..., Bata, BCAP, Bela, BigUp, Binance Coin, Bit20, BitAsean, BitBar, BitBay, BitBean, bitBTC, bitCNY, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Plus, Bitcoin Scrypt, BitcoinDark, BitConnect, Bitcore, Bitcrystals, Bitdeal, bitGold, Bitland, Bitmark, Bitpark Coin, Bitquence, Bitradio, BitSend, BitShares, bitSilver, Bitstar, Bitswift, BitTokens, bitUSD, Bitz, BlackCoin, Blackmoon Crypto, Blakecoin, Blitzcash, BlockCAT, Blocknet, BlockPay, Blocktix, BlueCoin, Bolivarcoin, Bottlecaps, Bowhead, Breakout, Breakout Stake, BritCoin, BTCtalkcoin, BTSR, BunnyCoin, Burst, Byteball Bytes, Bytecent, Bytecoin, Bytom, CageCoin, Canada eCoin, CannabisCoin, Cannacoin, Capricoin, Carboncoin, Casino, CasinoCoin, Centurion, ChainCoin, ChainLink, ChessCoin, Chronobank, Circuits of V..., Civic, Clams, CloakCoin, CoEval,, CoinDash, CoinonatX, Colossuscoin V2, Compcoin, Condensate, Counterparty, Crave, Cream, Creativecoin, Creditbit, Credo, Crown, CryptCoin, Crypto, CryptoCarbon, CryptoForecast, Crypto Bullion, Cryptojacks, Cryptonite, CryptoPing, Curecoin, CVCoin, Cypher, Dalecoin, DAO.Casino, Darcrus, Darsek, DAS, Dash, Dashcoin, Databits, DaxxCoin, DECENT, Decred, DeepOnion, Denarius, Dent, Dentacoin, Deutsche eMark, Devcoin, Diamond, DigiByte, DigitalDevelo..., DigitalNote, DigitalPrice, DigixDAO, Dimecoin, Dinastycoin, district0x, DNotes, Dogecoin, DopeCoin, Dotcoin, DraftCoin, DT Token, DubaiCoin, Dynamic, E-coin, E-Dinar Coin, e-Gulden, EarthCoin, eBoost, E-Currency Coin, Ecobit, Edgeless, Einsteinium, Elastic, Elcoin, EmberCoin, Embers, Emerald Crypto, Emercoin, EMoneyPower, EncryptoTel, Energycoin, EOS, EOT Token, EquiTrader, Espers, Eternity, Ethbits, E4ROW, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Etheriya, Etheroll, Eurocoin, EuropeCoin, EverGreenCoin, ExclusiveCoin, Expanse, Factom, FairCoin, Falcoin, Fantomcoin, Fastcoin, Feathercoin, FedoraCoin, FIMKrypto, FinCoin, FirstBlood, FirstCoin, Flaxscript, FlorinCoin, FlutterCoin, Flycoin, FoldingCoin, Francs, Freicoin, FuckToken, FuelCoin, FujiCoin, Fujinto, FUNCoin, FundYourselfNow, FunFair, FuturXe, GAIA, Gambit, GameCredits, GameUnits, Gas, GCoin, GeoCoin, Giga Watt Token, Global Curren..., GlobalBoost-Y, GlobalCoin, GlobalToken, Gnosis, GoldCoin, Golem, Golos, Goodomy, Grantcoin, Greencoin, GridCoin, Groestlcoin, Growers Inter..., Gulden, Matchpool, GXShares, Happycoin, HEAT, Helleniccoin, HempCoin, HempCoin, HiCoin, HitCoin, Hive, HoboNickels, HOdlcoin, Honey, Hshare, HTMLCOIN, Humaniq, HunterCoin, Hush, HyperStake, I0Coin, ICO OpenLedger, iCoin, Iconic, Iconomi, iDice, IncaKoin, Incent, Infinitecoin, InflationCoin, Influxcoin, InPay, InsaneCoin, InvestFeed, I/O Coin, ION, IOTA, iTicoin, Ixcoin, iXledger, Janus, Jetcoin, Jin Coin, Jinn, Joulecoin, Karbowanec, KekCoin, KibiCoin, KiloCoin, Kobocoin, Komodo, KoreCoin, Krypstal, KushCoin, LanaCoin, Legends Room, LEOcoin, LBRY Credits, Linda, Link Platform, Linx, Lisk, LiteBar, Litecoin, Litecoin Plus, LiteDoge, LoMoCoin, Loopring, LottoCoin, LTBcoin, LuckChain, Lunyr, Lykke, Machinecoin, Magi, MaidSafeCoin, Malcoin, Mao Zedong, MarteXcoin, MaxCoin, MazaCoin, MCAP, Megacoin, Melon, Memetic, Mercury, MergeCoin, Metal, MetalCoin, Metaverse ETP, Minereum, Miners' Rewar..., Mineum, Mintcoin, MobileGo, Moeda Loyalty..., Moin, Monaco, MonacoCoin, MonaCoin, Monero, MonetaryUnit, Monetha, Monster Byte, Mooncoin, Mothership, MTMGaming, Musicoin, MyBit Token, Myriad, Mysterium, Namecoin, NautilusCoin, NAV Coin, Neblio, NEM, NEO, NeosCoin, NetCoin, Netko, Neutron, NEVERDIE, Newbium, NewYorkCoin, Nexium, Nexus, Nimiq, NobleCoin, NoLimitCoin, Novacoin, NuBits, Numeraire, NuShares, NVO, Nxt, Nyancoin, OBITS, Oceanlab, OctoCoin, OHM, OKCash, OmiseGO, Omni, Onix, OpenAnx, Opus, OracleChain, Orbitcoin, Pakcoin, Pandacoin, ParallelCoin, ParkByte, Particl, Pascal Coin, Pascal Lite, Patientory, PayCoin, Peercoin, Peerplays, Pepe Cash, Pesetacoin, Pesobit, PetroDollar, Phoenixcoin, PIECoin, Piggycoin, Pillar, PinkCoin, PIVX, PlatinumBAR, Pluton,, Polybius, Populous, PostCoin, PoSW Coin, PotCoin, Primalbase Token, Primas, Primecoin, PRIZM, ProCurrency, Project Decorum, Propy, Prototanium, PureVidz, PutinCoin, Qtum, Quantum, Quantum Resis..., Quark, QubitCoin, Qwark, Radium, RaiBlocks, Rare Pepe Party, Ratecoin, REX, ReddCoin, Remicoin, Renos, RevolverCoin, Rialto, Riecoin, Ripple, Rise, iExec RLC, RouletteToken, Round, Rubies, Rubycoin, Rupee, RussiaCoin, Rustbits, Safe Exchange..., SaluS, Santiment Net..., Scorecoin, Sequence, Sexcoin, Shadow Token, ShadowCash, Shift, Shorty, Siacoin, SIBCoin, Signatum, SingularDTV, SkinCoin, Skycoin, Slimcoin, SmartCash, SmartCoin, SmileyCoin, Smoke, Soarcoin, SolarCoin, Solaris, SONM, Sovereign Hero, Spectrecoin, Sphere, SpreadCoin, Sprouts, SproutsExtreme, Stakecoin, StarCredits, Starta, Startcoin, Status, Stealthcoin, Steem, Steem Dollars, Stellar Lumens, Sterlingcoin, Storj, Stox, Stratis, Stress, Sumokoin, SunContract, SuperCoin, SuperNET, SwagBucks, SwapToken, Swarm City, Swing, Syndicate, Synereo, Synergy, Syscoin, TaaS, TagCoin, Tao, TEKcoin, TenX, Terracoin, TeslaCoin, Tether, The ChampCoin, The Cypherfunks, TheGCCcoin, Tickets, Tierion, Titcoin, ToaCoin, TokenCard, Tokes, TransferCoin, Triangles, Triggers, Tristar Coin, Trollcoin, Truckcoin, TrueFlip, TrumpCoin, WeTrust, TrustPlus, Tychocoin, Ubiq, UFO Coin, Ultimate Secu..., UltraCoin, UnbreakableCoin, UniCoin, Unify, Unitus, Unity Ingot, Universe, Unobtanium, USDe, Valorbit, Vcash, Veltor, Verge, VeriCoin, Veritaseum, VeriumReserve, Version, Vertcoin, Viacoin, Virta Unique ..., Virtacoinplus, VirtualCoin, Visio, VIVO, VOISE, Voxels, VPNCoin, vSlice, Vsync, Vsync, vTorrent, Wagerr, Walton, Waves, Waves Communi..., WavesGo, WayGuide, WhiteCoin, Wild Beast Block, Wings, WomenCoin, Woodcoin, WorldCoin, Xaurum, XCurrency, XP, XPlay, XTRABYTES, Yacoin, YashCoin, YbCoin, Yocoin, Zcash, ZcCoin, ZClassic, ZCoin, Zeitcoin, ZenCash, Zennies, Zero, Zetacoin, Zoin, ZrCoin, Zurcoin, aggregate charts.