Total market cap:

Cryptocurrencies in the S&P 500

Bitcoin market cap:

NEVERDIE market cap:

NEVERDIE market share:


The most important indicator of economic stability in the bitcoin market is the capitalization and not the price for 1 BTC. That is because of the constant emission of bitcoin, which is 54,000 BTC per month. So in order to maintain the current price of for 1 BTC one must buy bitcoins for every month. We can also say that even if the price for 1 BTC drops less than per month, the bitcoin capitalization grows.

Another aspect of the cryptocurrency economics are altcoins. Each altcoin creates an additional emission in the market and reduces price for 1 BTC. Unless altcoins existed, it could be assumed that more people would trade bitcoin. Then the current price for 1 BTC would be (by more).

In order to cover 95% of the market one should take into account the following cryptocoins: .

If one imagined the cryptocurrencies were in stock market, then in the S&P 500 rating (the top 500 largest companies by market capitalization listed on American stock exchanges) cryptocurrencies would be in the place.

Full list of altcoins used in calculations in alphabetical order (1440 in total): 0chain, 0x, 0xBitcoin, 0xcert, Elite, 1World, 2GIVE, 42-coin, 4NEW, 808Coin, AB-Chain RTB, Abulaba, AC3, Accelerator Network, ACE (TokenStars), AceD, Achain, Actinium, Acute Angle Cloud, adbank, AdCoin, AdHive, Aditus, AdShares, adToken, AdultChain, Advanced Internet Blocks, AdEx, Adzcoin, aelf, Aeon, Aeron, Aeternity, Agrello, AICHAIN, AidCoin, AI Doctor, Aigang, AiLink Token, Aion, Airbloc, AirSwap, AirToken, Akroma, ALAX, ALIS, All Sports, AllSafe, Alphacat, ALQO, Altcoin, Ambrosus, AMLT, Amon, Anoncoin, Apex, Aphelion, APIS, Apollo Currency, Apollon, AppCoins, APR Coin, APX, Aragon, Arbidex, ARBITRAGE, ArbitrageCT, Arcblock, Advanced Technology Coin, Ardor, Argentum, Aricoin, Arionum, Ark, ArtByte, Asch, AsiaCoin, Aston, Astro, ATBCoin, ATC Coin, ATLANT, Atmos, ATN, Atonomi, ATMChain, Auctus, AudioCoin, Augur, Aurora, Aurora DAO, Auroracoin, AurumCoin, Authorship, Autonio, Auxilium, Aventus, AVINOC, aXpire, TraDove B2BCoin, B2BX, B3Coin, BABB, Banca, Bancor, Bankex, Banyan Network, Basic Attention Token, Bata, BBSCoin, Bean Cash, Bee Token, Beetle Coin, Bela, BelugaPay, Benz, Bethereum, BetterBetting, Bettex Coin, Bezant, Bezop, BHPCash, BiblePay, Bibox Token, Bigbom, Billionaire Token, Binance Coin, BioCoin, Biotron, Birake, Bismuth, BitTube, Bit-Z Token, Bit20, BitBar, BitBay, bitBTC, BitClave, Bitcloud, bitCNY, BitCoen, Bitcoin Adult, Bitcoin Atom, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Green, Bitcoin Incognito, Bitcoin Instant, Bitcoin Interest, Bitcoin Plus, Bitcoin Private, Bitcoin Red, Bitcoin Scrypt, Bitcoin Token, Bitcoin W Spectrum, Bitcoin Fast, BitcoinZ, Bitcore, Bitcrystals, Bitcurrency, Bitdeal, BitDegree, BitDice, bitEUR, bitGold, BitKan, Bitmark, BitMart Token, BitNewChain, bitqy, Bitradio, BitRent, BitRewards, BitScreener Token, BitSend, BitShares, SounDAC, bitSilver, Bitstar, BitStation, Bitsum, Bitswift, Bittwatt, bitUSD, BitWhite, Bitzeny, BlackCoin, Blackmoon, Blakecoin, BLAST, BlazeCoin, BlitzPredict, Block Array, BlockCAT, Blocklancer, BlockMason Credit Protocol, BlockMesh, Blocknet, Blocknode, Blockpool, Blockport, Blocktix, Blocktrade Token, BLOCKv, Bloom, Blox, Blue Whale Token, BlueCoin, Bluzelle, BnkToTheFuture, Bob's Repair, Bodhi, Bolivarcoin, Bonpay, Boolberry, BOScoin, Bottos, Bounty0x, BoutsPro, Bowhead, BOXX Token [Blockparty], BrahmaOS, Bread, Breakout, Breakout Stake, BriaCoin, Brickblock, Bridge Protocol, BridgeCoin, BritCoin, BrokerNekoNetwork, BTCtalkcoin, Buggyra Coin Zero, Bullion, Bulwark, BunnyCoin, BunnyToken, Burst, BuzzCoin, Byteball Bytes, Bytecent, Bytecoin, Bytom, CRYPTO20, C2C System, Callisto Network, CampusCoin, Canada eCoin, CannabisCoin, CanYaCoin, Cappasity, Capricoin, Carboncoin, Cardano, Cardstack, CargoX, CarTaxi Token, carVertical, Cashaa, Cashbery Coin, CashBet Coin, Cashcoin, CasinoCoin, Castle, CatoCoin, Cazcoin, Ccore, CEEK VR, Centrality, CFun, ChainCoin, Chainlink, Change, ChatCoin, ChessCoin, CHIPS, Chronobank, Chronologic, Cindicator, Circuits of Value, Citadel, Civic, Clams, ClearCoin, ClearPoll, Clipper Coin, CloakCoin, Cobinhood,, CoinFi, Coinlancer, CoinPoker, Coinsuper Ecosystem Network, Coinvest, ColossusXT, Colu Local Network, CommerceBlock, Commercium, Commodity Ad Network, Condensate, Condominium, CanonChain, Consensus, Constellation, Content Neutrality Network, ContentBox, COPYTRACK, Cortex, Cosmo Coin, COSS, Counterparty, Covesting, CPChain, Cpollo, Crave, Cream, Creativecoin, Credit Tag Chain, Creditbit, Credits, Credo, CROAT, Crowd Machine, Crowdholding, Crown, Cruisebit, CryCash, CryptalDash, Cryptaur, Crypterium,, CryptoCarbon, CryptoFlow, Cryptonex, Cryptonite, Cryptopay, CryptoPing, Cryptosolartech, Crystal Clear , Cube, Curecoin, CVCoin, CyberFM, CyberMiles, CyberMusic, CyberVein, CYCLEAN, DACSEE, DADI, DAEX, Dai, Daneel, DAO.Casino, DAOstack, DAPS Token, Darico Ecosystem Coin, Darcrus, Darsek, Dash, Dashcoin, DaTa eXchange, Databits, Datarius Credit, Datawallet, Datum, DATx, DAV Coin, Debitum, DECENT, DecentBet, Decentraland, Decentralized Machine Learning, Decision Token, Decred, DeepBrain Chain, DeepOnion, Delphy, DeltaChain, Denarius, Dent, Dentacoin, Dero, Dether, Deutsche eMark, Devery, DeviantCoin, DEW, Diamond, DigiByte, Digital Asset Guarantee Token, Digital Insurance Token, Digital Money Bits, Digitalcoin, DigitalNote, DigitalPrice, Digitex Futures, Digiwage, Digix Gold Token, DigixDAO, Dignity, DIMCOIN, Dimecoin, Dinastycoin, Dinero, Distributed Credit Chain, district0x, Divi Exchange Token, DMarket, DNotes, Docademic, Dock, Dogecoin, DomRaider, DopeCoin, Dorado, Dotcoin, Dovu, DOWCOIN, DPRating, DraftCoin, Dragonchain, Dragonglass, Dropil, DCORP Utility, DubaiCoin, DxChain Token, Dynamic, Dynamic Trading Rights, Dystem, E-coin, E-Dinar Coin, e-Gulden, EagleX, Earth Token, EBCoin, EBCH, eBoost, eBitcoin, ECC, EchoLink, Ecobit, Ecoreal Estate, Eden, Edgeless, EDRCoin, EDUCare, Education Ecosystem, Effect.AI, Egretia, Eidoo, Einsteinium, Elastic, Elastos, Elcoin, Electra, Electrify.Asia, Electroneum, Elementrem, Elixir, Ellaism, ELTCOIN, Elysian, Embers, Emerald Crypto, Emercoin, Emphy, EncrypGen, EncryptoTel [WAVES], Endor Protocol, Energi, EnergiToken, Energo, Energycoin, Engagement Token, Enigma, Enjin Coin, Envion, EOS, eosDAC, Equal, EquiTrader, Ergo, Eristica, Eroscoin, Espers, ETERNAL TOKEN, EthBet, Ethbits, Etheera, Ethereum, Blue Protocol, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum Gold, Ethereum Monero, Ethereum Cash, EtherGem, Etheriya, Etheroll, Etherparty, Ethersocial, EtherSportz, ETHLend, Ethorse, Ethos, EUNO, EUNOMIA, EuropeCoin, EvenCoin, EventChain, Everex, EverGreenCoin, Everipedia, Everus, Evimeria, ExclusiveCoin, Eximchain, Expanse, Experience Points, Experty, EXRNchain, EZToken, Fabric Token, Faceter, Factom, FairCoin, FansTime, FantasyGold, Fantomcoin, FarmaTrust, Fastcoin, Feathercoin, FedoraCoin, Fidelium, FidentiaX, FintruX Network, Fire Lotto, FirstBlood, FirstCoin, Flash, FLiK, FLIP, Flixxo, FLO, FlutterCoin, Fluz Fluz, FlypMe, FNKOS, FoldingCoin, FoodCoin, FORCE, Forkcoin, Formosa Financial, Fortuna, Forty Seven Bank, Fox Trading, FREE Coin, Freicoin, Freyrchain, Friendz, FujiCoin, FundRequest, FundYourselfNow, FunFair, Fusion, FUTURAX, FuzeX, Gainer, Galactrum, Gambit,, GameCredits, Gapcoin, Gas, Gatcoin, GCN Coin, Gems , Genaro Network, Genesis Vision, GeoCoin, GET Protocol, Giant, Gifto, GINcoin, Gladius Token, Global Cryptocurrency, Global Currency Reserve, Global Social Chain, Gnosis, GoByte, GoChain, Gold Bits Coin, Gold Poker, GoldCoin, GoldMint, Golem, Golfcoin, Golos, GoNetwork, Goodomy, Graft, GreenMed, Grid+, GridCoin, Groestlcoin, Growers International, Guaranteed Ethurance Token Extra, Gulden, Guncoin, Matchpool, GXChain, Hacken, Hackspace Capital, HalalChain, Halcyon, Happycoin, Hashgard, Haven Protocol, Havven, HeartBout, HEAT, Hedge, Helbiz, Helleniccoin, HelloGold, HempCoin, HEROcoin, HeroNode, Hexx, Hi Mutual Society, HiCoin, High Performance Blockchain, HireMatch, Hiveterminal Token, HoboNickels, HOdlcoin, HollyWoodCoin, Holo, HOQU, HorusPay, HTMLCOIN, Hubii Network, Humaniq, HunterCoin, Huobi Token, Hurify, Hush, HUZU, Hydro Protocol, Hydro, HyperCash, HyperStake, I0Coin, ICE ROCK MINING, ICO OpenLedger, iCoin, ICON, Iconomi, ICOS, IDEX Membership, iEthereum, Ifoods Chain, Ignis, Ignition, IGToken, IHT Real Estate Protocol, imbrex, IncaKoin, Incent, indaHash, Indorse Token, InflationCoin, Ink, Ink Protocol, Innova, INS Ecosystem, InsaneCoin, Insights Network, VouchForMe, Intelligent Trading Foundation, Internet Node Token, Internet of People, Internxt, Invacio, InvestFeed, I/O Coin, ION, IOST, IoT Chain, IOTA, IoTeX, IP Exchange,, IQeon, IrishCoin, iTicoin, Iungo, Ivy, Ixcoin, IXT, Jesus Coin, JET8, Jetcoin, Jibrel Network, Jin Coin, Joulecoin, Jury.Online Token, Kalkulus, KanadeCoin, Karbo, Karma, KekCoin, KickCoin, Kin, Kind Ads Token, Knekted, Knoxstertoken, Kobocoin, Kolion, Komodo, Kora Network Token, Kore, Kryll, Kubera Coin, KuCoin Shares, Kurrent, KushCoin, Kyber Network, LALA World, Lamden, Lampix, LanaCoin, LatiumX, LATOKEN, Leadcoin, LGO Exchange, Lendingblock, LEOcoin, Lethean, Leverj, Leviar, Cred, LBRY Credits, LIFE, Lightpaycoin, LikeCoin, Lina, Linda, Linfinity, Linker Coin, Linkey, LinkEye, Linx, Lisk, Litecoin, Litecoin Cash, Litecoin Plus, LiteDoge, Live Stars, Lobstex, LocalCoinSwap, Local World Forwarders, LOCIcoin, LockTrip, LogisCoin, Loki, LoMoCoin, Loom Network, Loopring, LoyalCoin, Lunyr, LUXCoin, Lykke, Lympo, Lynx, Maecenas, Magi, MagicCoin, Magnet, MaidSafeCoin, Mainframe, Maker, Manna, Mao Zedong, MARK.SPACE, Marscoin, MarteXcoin, Masari, Mass Vehicle Ledger, MassGrid, MASTERNET, Masternodecoin, Matrix AI Network, Matryx, Maverick Chain, MaxCoin, MAZA, Measurable Data Token, MediBloc [QRC20], Medicalchain, MedicCoin, MediShares, MediBloc [ERC20], Megacoin, Melon, Memetic / PepeCoin, Merculet, Mercury, Mercury Protocol, Metal, MetaMorph, Metaverse ETP, Metronome, MIB Coin, MicroMoney, MidasProtocol, Mindexcoin, Minereum, Miners' Reward Token, MinexCoin, MintCoin, Mirai, Mithril, Mixin, MktCoin, MNPCoin, MOAC, MobileGo, Mobius, Modum, Moeda Loyalty Points, Moin, MojoCoin, Monoeci, MonaCoin, Monero, MonetaryUnit, Monetha, Moneytoken, Monkey Project, Monster Byte, More Coin, Morpheus Labs, Morpheus.Network, Moss Coin, Mothership, Motocoin, Mozo Token, MTC Mesh Network, Musicoin, Musiconomi, MyBit, Myriad, Mysterium, MyWish, NAGA, Namecoin, NANJCOIN, Nano, NaPoleonX, Narrative, Nasdacoin, NavCoin, Naviaddress, nDEX, Neblio, Nebula AI, Nebulas, Nectar, NEM, NEO, NeosCoin, Nerves, NetCoin, Netko, NetKoin, Neumark, Neural Protocol, NeuroChain, Neurotoken, Neutron, NevaCoin, NEVERDIE, New Power Coin, Nework, Newton Coin Project, NewYorkCoin, Nexium, Nexo, Nexty, Nexus, Nimiq, Nimiq Exchange Token, Niobio Cash, Niobium Coin, NIX, NKN, No BS Crypto, Noah Coin, NobleCoin, Noku, NoLimitCoin, Novacoin, NPER, NuBits, Nucleus Vision, Nullex, Nuls, Numeraire, Numus, nUSD, NuShares, Nxt, Nyancoin, OAX, OBITS, Obsidian, Oceanlab, OctoCoin, Octoin Coin, ODEM, Odyssey, OKCash, Olive, Olympus Labs, OmiseGO, Omni, Omnitude, On.Live, OneLedger, OneRoot Network, SoMee.Social, Onix, Ontology, OP Coin, Opal, OPCoinX, Open Trading Network, OptiToken, Opus, OracleChain, Orbis Token, Orbitcoin, Origami, Origin Sport, OriginTrail, Ormeus Coin, OST, Own, OWNDATA, Oyster, Oyster Shell, PACcoin, Pakcoin, Pal Network, Pandacoin, Paragon, Pareto Network, Parkgene, Particl, Pascal Coin, Pascal Lite, Patientory, Patron, PAXEX, Paxos Standard Token, PAYCENT, PayCoin, Payfair, Paymon, Paypex, PayPie, PCHAIN, Peculium, PeepCoin, Peercoin, Peerplays, Penguin Coin, Pepe Cash, Pesetacoin, PetroDollar, Phantasma, PHI Token, Phoenixcoin, Phonecoin, Phore, Photon, Pigeoncoin, Piggycoin, PikcioChain, Pillar, PinkCoin, PiplCoin, Pirl, PIVX, PKG Token, PlatinumBAR, Playgroundz, Playkey, Pluton, POA Network,, Polis, Polybius, Polymath, PolySwarm, POPCHAIN, PopularCoin, Populous, PoSW Coin, PotCoin, Power Ledger, Presearch, Primalbase Token, Primas, Primecoin, Privatix, PRiVCY, PRIZM, ProChain, ProCurrency, Profile Utility Token, Project Coin, Propy, Proton Token, Prototanium, Proxeus, ProximaX, Publica, PumaPay, Pundi X, Pura, PureVidz, Pure, PutinCoin, Pylon Network, PyrexCoin, QASH, Qbao, QLC Chain, Qtum, Quant, Quantis Network, Quantstamp, Quantum Resistant Ledger, Quark, QuarkChain, QubitCoin, Qubitica, QunQun, Qwark, Radium, Raiden Network Token, Rate3, Ratecoin, Ravencoin, RChain, REAL, RealChain, RealTract, REBL, RED, Red Pulse Phoenix, ReddCoin, Refereum, RefToken, Regalcoin, Relex, Remme, Renos, Rentberry, Repme, REPO, Republic Protocol, Request Network, Restart Energy MWAT, Revain, RevolutionVR, Rialto, RightMesh, Rimbit, Ripio Credit Network, XRP, Rise, Rivetz, iExec RLC, Rock, Rotharium, RouletteToken, Rubies, Rubycoin, Ruff, Rupaya, Rupee, RusGas, RussiaCoin, Russian Miner Coin, Ryo Currency, Safe Exchange Coin, SafeInsure, SagaCoin, Sakura Bloom, SALT, SaluS, Santiment Network Token, Sapien, savedroid, Scorum Coins, SCRL,, Seal Network, Seele, Selfkey, SelfSell, Semux, Senderon, Sense, Sentinel, Sentinel Chain, Sentinel Protocol, Sequence, Sether, Sexcoin, SGPay, SHADE Token, Shadow Token, Shard, Sharder, Sharechain, ShareX, Sharpay, Sharpe Platform Token, Shekel, SHIELD, Shift, ShipChain, Shivom, ShowHand, Siacoin, SIBCoin, Spectiv, Signals Network, Silent Notary, SIMDAQ, SingularDTV, SingularityNET, SIRIN LABS Token, SIX, Skeincoin, SkinCoin, Skrumble Network, Skycoin, SmartCash, SmartCoin, SmartFox, Smartlands, SmartMesh, smARTOFGIVING, Smartshare, SmileyCoin, Smoke, Snetwork, Snovian.Space, SnowGem, Soarcoin, Social Send, Sociall, Sola Token, SolarCoin, Solaris, Soma, Soniq, SONM, SophiaTX, Sovereign Hero, Sp8de, SpaceChain, SpankChain, Dividend Token, Utility Token, Spectrecoin, Speed Mining Service, Sphere, SPINDLE, SportyCo, SpreadCoin, Sprouts, SRCOIN, Stakenet, Starbase, StarCredits, Starta, Startcoin, StarterCoin, STASIS EURS, Status, Stealth, Steem, Steem Dollars, Stellar, Stellite, Sterlingcoin, Stipend, STK, Storiqa, Storj, Storm, Stox, STRAKS, Stratis, Streamr DATAcoin, StrongHands, bitJob, Substratum, Sugar Exchange, Sumokoin, SunContract, SuperCoin, SureRemit, Suretly, Swarm City, Swarm, SwftCoin, SwissBorg, Swisscoin, Switcheo, SyncFab, Syndicate, Synereo, Synergy, Syscoin, TaaS, TagCoin, Talao, Tao, Target Coin, TaTaTu, Tattoocoin (Standard Edition), TE-FOOD, TEKcoin, Telcoin, TenX, Ternio, Terracoin, TeslaCoin, Tether, Tezos, Truegame, The Abyss, The ChampCoin, The Cypherfunks, THEKEY, Theta Token, Thingschain, ThoreCoin, Thrive Token, Tidex Token, Tierion, Ties.DB, Tigercoin, Tigereum, Time New Bank, Timicoin, Titcoin, TittieCoin, ToaCoin, Tokenbox, TokenCard, TokenClub, Tokenomy, TokenPay, TEAM (TokenStars), Tokes, Tokia, Tokugawa, TOKYO, Tolar, TomoChain, Tourist Token, Traceability Chain, Tracto, Trade Token, TrakInvest, Transcodium, TransferCoin, Travala, Travelflex, TRAXIA, TrezarCoin, Triangles, Triggers, Trinity Network Credit, Trittium, Trollcoin, TRON, TRONCLASSIC, Truckcoin, TrueChain, TrueFlip, TrueUSD, TrumpCoin, WeTrust, TrustNote, TrustPlus, TTC Protocol, Turtlecoin, U Network, Ubex, Ubiq, UNIVERSAL CASH, UChain, UCOM, ugChain, Ulord, Ultimate Secure Cash, UltraCoin, UltraNote Coin, UnbreakableCoin, Unibright, UniCoin, Uniform Fiscal Object, Unify, Unikoin Gold, Unitus, Universa, Universal Currency, Universe, Unobtanium, Upfiring, UpToken, Uquid Coin, USD//Coin, Utrum, UTRUST, United Traders Token, VeChain, Verge, VeriCoin, Verify, VeriME, Veritaseum, VeriumReserve, Veros, Version, Vertcoin, Vexanium, Vezt, Viacoin, VIBE, Viberate, Vice Industry Token, View, VikkyToken, VINchain, Vipstar Coin, Vitae, VITE, Viuly, Vivid Coin, VIVO, Voise, VoteCoin, vSlice, Vsync, VULCANO, WaBi, WABnetwork, Wagerr, Waltonchain, Wanchain, WandX, Waves, Waves Community Token, WAX, WaykiChain, WeAreSatoshi, Webchain, Webcoin, WELL, Welltrado, WePower, WhaleCoin, White Standard, WhiteCoin, Wild Crypto, Winding Tree, Wings, Wispr, WITChain, Woodcoin, WorldCoin, Worldcore, Wowbit, X-Cash, X8X Token, Xaurum, XcelToken, Xchange, XDNA, Xenon, XGOX, XinFin Network, XMax, XMCT, XOVBank, XPA, Xriba, XTRABYTES, XYO Network, YEE, Yocoin, YOYOW, Zap, Zcash, ZClassic, ZCoin, ZCore, Zebi, Zeepin, Zeitcoin, ZelCash, Horizen, Zennies, Zenswap Network Token, Zephyr, Zero, ZEST, Zetacoin, ZeusCrowdfunding, Zeusshield, Zilla, Zilliqa, ZINC, Zipper, Zippie, ZMINE, Zoin, ZoZoCoin, ZPER, ZrCoin, aggregate charts.